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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

  • In the Spring, before using your air-conditioning, turn the unit on at the hydro panel. Remember to turn it off again in the Fall.

  • Set your thermostat at 24o C (75oF) for summer cooling. All systems are designed to provide an indoor temperature of 24oC to 26oC (75oF to 78oF). It is possible that your house will go above 26oC (78oF) during an unusually hot day. Even then, your home will feel comfortably cool and dry. Setting the thermostat below 24oC (75oF) can cause coil icing and result in a loss of cooling. It is best to leave the thermostat set at one setting and leave it alone. Do not use the air-conditioning controls like a light switch. Let the system work automatically.

  • Open stairways to a basement form natural ducts for cool air to drift downward. Not much can be done about this, but it may affect the ability of the unit to maintain main floor temperatures.

  • Two story homes with an open stairway will act the same way, warmer air will flow up, and cooler air flows down.

  • Attic fans will assist in cooling your home by exhausting heated air from the attic area while pulling in outside air through grilles around the eave

  • Keep windows closed. Large areas of unprotected glass on the south-east to westerly side of your home make effective air-conditioning almost impossible. Blinds, drapes or outside awnings should be used unless natural shading is available.

  • People heat up your house. Each person can add up to 400 BTUH's to the cooling load. A party of 30 friends adds one ton to the load, requiring more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

  • If your air-conditioning is turned off - wait five minutes before turning it back on.

  • It is usually not necessary to cool the basement. All supply air registers in the basement can be closed off during the cooling season. Return air registers should always be left open.

  • Furnace filters and /or electronic air filters should be checked regularly and changed and cleaned as required. (Permanent filters should be washed four times a year) a dirty filter will cause icing on the indoor coil.

  • During the cooling season, the humidifier's water supply and humidistat should be turned off and the bypass damper closed.

  • Air circulation is the key to year round comfort. When your central air conditioning is installed, all outlets in the areas being cooled should be fully opened and free from obstructions. The fan door must always be in position when the heating or cooling is in use.

  • Air Conditioning takes time to do its job of lowering the temperature, as well as drying out the air. It may take up to 24 hours to pull the humidity and temperature down to the comfort level you want.

  • Air Conditioners are designed to work within a 10 degree temperature difference. So on a very hot day when it is 80 degrees outside, your Air Conditioner will only be able to bring your indoor temperature down to about 70 degree F.


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